Membership Plugins

In case you have a membership plugin or wish to use one, this thread is for you. Before jumping into the “how it works”, it is worth mentioning what a membership plugin is:

  • A plugin that helps you create a site with different membership options
  • Whichever plugin you choose to use will have its own payment system
  • You can set up different membership plans that your customers can purchase
  • Once a customer becomes a member, they will have access to certain types of content and/or videos that those who are not members do not

An example scenario:

You generally live stream content on your website for free to members and non-members alike. However, there are some live streams that you wish to be exclusive to members. The way a membership plugin works is that you set up a membership area (or multiple levels of memberships) and you create pages/posts. These pages will be exclusive to members. Non-members will not be able to view these pages/posts and will be asked to become a member to continue.

Essentially, to live stream on a certain page or ‘membership area’, you will create a FREE CHANNEL with WpStream and add the live stream to the restricted page/membership area. Members would have already paid for their membership so they do not have to purchase the live stream. To add a live stream shortcode to a page/post, make sure you follow the instructions in this video.

You can also add a VOD shortcode to a page/post that is restricted to members.

Without a membership plugin, you can sell your live streams and VODs directly to your viewers using WooCommerce. However, if this type of system does not work with the type of website you have, a membership plugin would eliminate the need to get WooCommerce or any other type of payment gateway.

Membership plugins that are compatible with WpStream:

  • Ultimate Membership Pro
  • MemberPress
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • ARMember

We will be creating a video tutorial on our youtube channel showing you how WpStream works with a membership plugin soon. If you have a particular membership plugin that you use/want to use, leave the name in this thread and if it receives multiple upvotes, we will create a video tutorial for that particular plugin.