Installing the theme

  • Start on a fresh website and go to the back-end of your website.
  • Go to Appearance > Themes.
  • Add new theme > Upload Theme.
  • Go to this page and download the zip file (which is the theme).
  • Go back to your admin > Upload theme > Install Now > Activate theme.
  • Once your theme is active on your site, you will see the following message urging you to download the required and recommended plugins.
  • Install and activate each plugin individually as some plugins require a separate setup.
  • For example, once you activate WpStream, you will be taken to the quick setup popup to register (or login) to the WpStream plugin.
  • Once you register to WpStream and confirm your email address, you receive 5.5 GB of Streaming data that you can use to get started.
  • Once you are connected, you can go to view your site.
  • Your site will now have the theme installed and it will look like this.
  • Your site will be empty and you will have a blank canvas that you can start playing around with.
  • If you would like a ready-to-go demo, we have a Main Streaming Demo and a Gaming/eSports Demo.

Check out this video walk-through tutorial on how to install the FREE WpStream Streaming Theme if you are a more visual learner!