Auto TURN ON only works when using an external streaming app such as OBS Studio, Larix, etc. By default, you have to manually turn ON a channel before you can go LIVE. However, by enabling ‘Auto TURN ON’ before turning ON your channel (just once), you will be able to save the server and stream key from WpStream on external streaming apps and start streaming from those apps next time without manually turning ON a channel again.

This feature is useful if you are streaming from other locations, don’t have access to your website, have others live streaming on your website (with no admin access), or simply for convenience reasons. Here is how it works:

  • Enable Auto Turn ON
  • Turn ON your channel
  • Click on “Go Live with external streaming app”
  • Choose your streaming app and copy the URL/Stream key. For OBS, you just need the stream key
  • Go to OBS Studio and paste the stream key
  • “Start Streaming” from OBS Studio
  • Once you are done, click on “Stop Streaming”

Next time you plan to go LIVE, simply go to OBS Studio and click on “Start Streaming”. You will see that you will live stream straight away!

Disabling the ‘Auto TURN ON’ feature means that you want to manually TURN ON a channel each time you go LIVE.