Global Subscription Mode

The ‘Global Subscription Mode’ is what we refer to as the subscription system that popular streaming websites such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc. have. This is when you purchase one subscription and have access to all the content on the website. Here is what you need to do:


  • You will first need to create a subscription product that will act as the “Global Subscription Mode”. This means that when a viewer purchases this product, they have access to all the content on your website
  • Go to “Products” in your WordPress admin and “Add New”
  • Add a title (one that is obvious- i.e. All/Full Access), a description, featured image, categories, and tags.
  • Now, go to “Product Data” and change to “Simple Subscription”
  • Add a “Subscription Price” and the recurring payment type
  • You can also add whether this is a live or VOD product
  • Once you are happy with your Subscription Plan, click on Publish
  • Go back to your “Products” section and you will find the Global Subscription Plan
  • Next, make sure you copy the Product ID that is seen right under the title of the product
  • Go to “WpStream Settings” and then “Subscription Options”
  • Enable the “Global Subscription Mode” and paste the product ID in the “Subscription ID” section. Save Changes.


  • After setting up your Global Subscription Plan, you can now start setting up Pay-Per-view videos and attaching them to this plan.
  • Go back to “Products” and “Add New”
  • Add a title, a description, featured image, categories, and tags.
  • In “Product Data”, choose either a “Live Channel” or “Video-On-Demand”
  • Add a price, and in “Attach to Subscription”, either leave it blank or click on “none”.
  • Click on “Publish”
  • Go to the product on your website and you will see that you have to purchase it to watch it.
  • Go to the Global Subscription Plan (All Access) that you created earlier and purchase this.
  • After you have purchased it, go back to the Video-On-Demand (All Eyes on Rue) and you now have access to it and can watch.