Global Subscription Mode


  1. You will first need to create a subscription product that will act as the “Global Subscription Mode”. This means that when a viewer purchases this product, they have access to all the content on your website
  2. Go to “Products” in your WordPress admin and “Add New”
  1. Add a title (one that is obvious- i.e. All/Full Access), a description, featured image, categories, and tags.
  2. Now, go to “Product Data” and change to “Simple Subscription”
  3. Add a “Subscription Price” and the recurring payment type
  4. You can also add whether this is a live or VOD product
  5. Once you are happy with your Subscription Plan, click on Publish
  1. Go back to your “Products” section and you will find the Global Subscription Plan
  2. Next, make sure you copy the Product ID that is seen right under the title of the product
  1. Go to “WpStream Settings” and then “Subscription Options”
  2. Enable the “Global Subscription Mode” and paste the product ID in the “Subscription ID” section. Save Changes.


  1. After setting up your Global Subscription Plan, you can now start setting up Pay-Per-view videos and attaching them to this plan.
  2. Go back to “Products” and “Add New”
  1. Add a title, a description, featured image, categories, and tags.
  2. In “Product Data”, choose either a “Live Channel” or “Video-On-Demand”
  3. Give it a price, and in “Attach to Subscription”, either leave it blank or click on “none”.
  4. Click on “Publish”
  1. Go to the product on your website and you will see that you have to purchase it to watch it.
  1. Go to the Global Subscription Plan (All Access) that you created earlier and purchase this.
  1. After you have purchased it, go back to the Video-On-Demand (All Eyes on Rue) and you now have access to it and can watch.