About the Theme

The WpStream Video Streaming theme is a free WordPress theme that enhances live and on-demand video streaming. It features high-quality streaming, e-commerce support through WooCommerce, extensive customization options, a responsive design, and advanced security measures.

The theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder using Elementor, one-click demo installs, and multiple monetization options like pay-per-view and subscriptions. It is ideal for various applications such as education, entertainment, and live events.

Some of the most important and popular features on the theme includes the following:

  1. Two ready-to-use One-Click Demos (Main Streaming Demo and Gaming Demo)
  2. User-Friendliness and Integration
  3. Live Streaming Features
  4. Video On Demand
  5. Monetization – Pay-Per-View and Subscriptions
  6. Dark/Light Mode
  7. Drag and Drop features with Elementor
  8. Live Chat
  9. Streaming for ALL
  10. Trailers and Preview videos
  11. Sidebar Widgets
  12. Customizer Fonts & Colours
  13. Scalability and Performance
  14. Featured Articles and VODs
  15. Header & Footer Designs