General Settings

The 4 different ‘General Options’ settings

  1. Slug for free video/channel pages
    This is where you change part of the slug from the default. The default permalink includes ‘WpStream’. However, you can change this to your brand name or any other word you want.
  2. Non-Admin User Roles Allowed to Broadcast
    These are the user roles ‘permissions’. These settings are related to which user is allowed to GO LIVE on your website. NOTE that you will have to manually change the user role of each user you want to allow to broadcast. Alternatively, if you want everyone to be able to go LIVE, use CTRL + Left click on each user role under ‘Users’ in your ‘Admin’.
  3. Non-Admin Streamers Channel Type
    You can either assign PAY-PER-VIEW or FREE-TO-VIEW Channels to your users. You can also assign one PPV and one FTV to each (two channels).
  4. Default Pay-Per-View Price
    This price is always in US Dollars ($). Only the admin can add the price of each PPV channel. Note that all payments are processed through WooCommerce and you will have to discuss the understanding between you and your users that broadcast.

Check out the video tutorial