Upgrade/Downgrade your Subscription Plan

Go to your WpStream Dashboard and click on Upgrade Subscription

You will be taken to the Subscription Plans on the Pricing Page. Choose one of the 4 Subscription Plans. You can either choose the same plan again and proceed with the checkout, or alternatively, upgrade or downgrade as needed.

If you still have some streaming data left from your previous plan, your streaming data gets prorated to the new plan. For example, you decide to upgrade to the Team Plan from the Family Plan but you still have 50 GB out of the 100 GB. When you upgrade to the Team Plan, you will have 300 GB in total (250 GB from the Team Plan + 50 GB of what was left from your Family Plan).

After choosing your subscription, click on ‘Signup Now’. I chose the Fans Streaming Plan ($399). Enter your details, payment method, and place your order.

You will find your new subscription plan in your WpStream Account.