3rd Party Player

Abstract #

WpStream uses a derivative of the Video.js HTML5 player. Its capabilities are limited by product features and lifecycle. We are often unable to respond to player related feature requests that are complex or uncommon. Therefore offering our clients the possibility to use any HLS (.m3u8) capable player for live stream playback.

Features/use cases/opportunities: #

– Custom skinning

– 360/VR/3D

– Ad support

– Chromecast and AirPlay support

– Advanced analytics

– Closed caption support

– Video watermark

– Quality level selector

– Playback on smartphone and smartTV apps (i.e. outside the browser)

– Playback on OTT devices like Roku, AppleTV, Fire Stick etc

Supported players (not exhaustive) #

– Bradmax

– Bzplayer

– Clappr

– DPlayer

– Flowplayer

– FV Player

– Hls.js

– JWPlayer

– Kaltura

– Media Element

– Plyr

– Radiant

– Shaka Player

– Theoplayer

– Video.js

Restrictions/shortcomings/notes #

– Setup requires familiarity with the wpstream platform api

– Setup requires a full understanding of the respective 3rd party player

– Setup requires a basic understanding of HLS and HTML5 video playback

– We can only offer limited support related to the feature at this time

To set up a 3rd party player with the video feed of a specific WpStream channel

1. Start your channel and broadcast to it as you normally would

2. Retrieve the channel’s details via the WpStream Platform API – method /channel/info (https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis-docs/wpstream/WpStream-API/1.0.0#/channels/getChannelInfo)

3. Find the channel’s HLS (.m3u8) URL as the hls_playback_url parameter of the above API method’s response

4. Set the player’s `source` as the respective HLS URL