Installing the Plugin

  1. Go to your WordPress admin
  2. Click on “Plugins” and then “Add New”
  1. Type in “WpStream” into the search bar
  2. Click on “Install” and then “Activate” the plugin. You will be taken straight to where all your plugins are located and you will be able to see the now activated WpStream Plugin.
  1. Now, go to “WpStream” and click on “WpStream Credentials”. 
  1. Either sign in or click on “go here” if you do not already have an account. 
  1. You will be taken to this page where you will have to register with your name, email address, and password.
  1. “Register” and you will be taken to the “My Account” page on WpStream. 
  2. Go back to your WordPress website and login using the account details you just created. “Save Changes” when ready
  1. You can now start setting up live streams and On-Demand videos.