Pay-Per-View Video-On-Demand

  1. Go to WpStream Media Management in WordPress admin
  1. Here, you can either upload a file or use a recorded file
  1. Click on “create a pay-per-view VOD”
  1. Give your VOD a name, description, price, add an image, tags, and categories. When you are ready, click on “Publish”
  1. Click on the Permalink
  1. Because this is a Pay-View-Product, your viewers will not be able to access it unless they purchase it. 
  1. After you have made the said purchase, a confirmation page will come up and the link to the video is in the title. Once you click on it, you will be taken back to the Pay-Per-View VOD.
  2. Your VOD should now be visible and you can play, pause, skip forward and go backwards.