Pay-Per-View Video-On-Demand

Pay-per-view video on demand (PPV VOD) is a distribution model for video content where viewers pay a fee to access and watch specific videos on demand. Unlike subscription-based video on demand services, where users pay a recurring fee for unlimited access to a library of content, PPV VOD allows viewers to pay for individual videos or events they want to watch.

Here is how you can create a Pay-Per-View Video on Demand:

  • Go to WpStream and then ‘Recordings’. Click on ‘ Create new Pay-Per-View VOD from this recording’.
  • Give your VOD a name, description, add an image, tags, and categories. When you are ready, click on “Publish”
  • Click on the URL and it will take you to the Pay-Per-View VOD
  • You will not be able to view the Pay-Per-View VOD until you purchase it
  • After the purchase, you will now have access to the Pay-Per-View VOD