Installing the Gaming / eSports Demo

In the previous post, we left it at the theme being active on the site but pretty much having a blank canvas to play with. However, most of you will want to have a website that is pretty much ready to go except text, images, and videos.

For this reason, we have created two demos. In this post, we will show you how to download the Gaming / eSports Demo on your website.

  • With just the theme, this is how your website looks like.
  • Go back to your website back-end > Appearance > Important Demo Data > Import Demo
  • You will be urged to install the required plugins > Continue & Import
  • The import will take a couple of minutes to complete so hold tight!
  • Once imported, you can visit your site and you will see the demo is now ready to be used!
  • You will find that some categories do not have images as these are not imported (you are also notified of this when installing the demo).
  • You will be editing the text and replacing the images anyway so the elements, structure, and setup is what is the most important.
  • In just a couple of minutes, the Gaming / eSports Demo will be on your site and all you have to do is replace the text, images, and other media content to start streaming!

**If you have problems importing the demo ( example : infinite loading, error 505, etc. ), you may have a problem with the server settings. Please get in touch via or open a support ticket here.