Default Settings

These may look familiar. It is because most of these settings are also found on each individual channel. However, ‘Default Channel Settings’ means that everything you enable/disable will be also set for any new channels you create. You can still manually change settings on your channel settings, but these are simply the ‘Universal default settings’.

  1. Record Live Stream
    All your live streams will be recorded and saved to ‘Recordings’. Be careful with this setting and only use this if you are sure that you want to record all your live streams.
  2. Display Viewer Count
    This shows your viewer count on all your live streams on the upper left corner of your video player.
  3. Lock To Website
    This locks your live stream to just your website. No one will be able to share it on other websites.
  4. AutoPlay
    Autoplay makes it possible for your livestream to start automatically once the link is opened. Note that this is not always guaranteed as some browsers may block autostart in most instances
  5. Start Muted
    This should be enabled with AutoPlay to increase chances of Autoplay working. If you start it muted, certain browsers may be more likely to let your livestream autoplay
  6. Encrypt Live Stream
    This is related to protecting your livestream by encrypting it. This may affect website performances in some instances
  7. Use Sessions with Encryption
    This is basically step 2 of encryption. You can take ‘Encrypt Live Stream’ to the next step by enabling ‘Use Sessions’. NOTE that you should only enable this setting if you enable ‘Encrypt Live Stream’. It will not work enabled alone
  8. Auto TURN ON
    This setting is helpful when using an external streaming app such as OBS Studio. As you know, you have to add the Server and Stream key from WpStream into your streaming app to establish destination. By default, you will have to manually TURN ON your channel each time you want to go LIVE. By enabling this, you can simply go LIVE from your streaming app and your channel will be TURNED ON automatically
  9. Video On Demand – Lock to website
    Similar to locking your live stream to your website, enabling this will protect your video from being shared on other websites
  10. Encrypt Video On Demand
    This enables all your videos to be encrypted (protected)

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