Enable Regular Users to Broadcast – WPBakery

  1. Go to “WpStream Settings” in WordPress admin
  1. Assign permissions to users (Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber), a free or Pay-Per-View Channel (and its price). Save your changes
  2. Go to WordPress admin and click on “Pages” and “Add New”
  1. Add a title 
  1. Go back to your WordPress admin and to “Pages”. Go to the page you just created and click on “Edit with WPBakery Page Builder”
  1. “Add Element”
  1. Look up and click on “WpStream Start Streaming Button”
  1. A pop up window will appear asking for a Product/Channel id.
  2. If you leave the id blank, the plugin will auto discover the id of the first channel that belongs to the logged user and will automatically use that. If you add an id, the plugin will start broadcasting over that id.
  3. I will add an existing channel to demonstrate. I got this id by going to “WpStream Channels” and choosing which channel I would like to be used when regular users broadcast on my channel.
  1. Once you are ready, save changes. The “Start Live Event” appears. Click on “Update” your page. 
  1. Now, I have created another account as a “Regular User” to attempt broadcasting on the website
  1. I will go back to my WordPress admin, go to “Users” and change from “Customer” to “Editor” as I have initially assigned permission to “Editors” in “WpStream Settings”. Save changes
  1. When a user that you have assigned rights to accesses this page, they will be able to start a broadcast and it will look like this
  1. Your Editor (Regular user) will be able to broadcast from the browser or using a 3rd Party External Broadcaster. They can also view their live metrics. I will be using OBS Studio to broadcast (External broadcaster)
  1. Open OBS, Go to Settings
  1. Go to Stream, add the Server and Stream Key, and click on OK
  1. Start Streaming
  1. Go back and click on “View Channel”
  1. This is how your live stream which is broadcasted by your regular user should look like
  1. Once they are done broadcasting, they can go back to OBS and click on “Stop Broadcast”
  1. The live stream will end and this message will appear