Add a Video-On-Demand to a Post/Page – Elementor

  1. Go to WordPress admin and click on “Pages” and “Add New”
  1. Click on “Edit with Elementor”
  1. Click on the “+” to add widget, type in “WpStream Player”, and drag it to your page.
  1. Here, you will see a product ID and ‘0’. Replace “0” with your product ID.
  2. To do this, you must have a free or Pay-Per-View product (see here).
  3. Go to “Products” and once you have picked your VOD (free or PPV), you will find the product ID right under the title. Copy the product ID
  1. Go back to the page you created and add the ID. Save and Publish the page
  1. Go to your page and your VOD will be visible. If it is a Pay-Per-View Product, you will have to purchase it before you access the video.
  2. After purchasing the video, you can now view it.